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    About Free and Civil: READ ME


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    About Free and Civil: READ ME

    Post by Avery4Peace on Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:27 pm

    the "Free and Civil" Forum was started because a few folks at the Comic Bloc Forum enjoyed the "serious" debate threads there. However the moderators there decided, for various reasons, to discontinue indefinitely that area of the site. So this forum has been set up to see if we can continue our debates/talks/pontifications.

    The Forum was given the quick name "Free and Civil".
    It seems to work for many reason:
    1. We are not in any way connected to the ComicBloc, Geoff Johns or the Moderators there. So we didn't want anything like "Ex-Comicbloc Debate forum", "Defectors from the Bloc" and such.
    2. I wanted something that denoted liberty, freedom and free speech. The forum is a real attempt to honor those ideals.
    3. The word CIVIL has several definitions the one intended here is "courteous and polite". A few other adjectives for civil are well-mannered, well-bred, chivalrous, gallant; cordial, genial, pleasant, affable; gentlemanly or ladylike. I think that's pretty clear.

    The forum is in the beginning stages of a continuing work in progress. We are still working out all the kinks and learning as we go. Thanks for your patience. Please obey the rules and help each other to maintain a free and friendly environment. THANKS!!!!

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